Knee Pain Treatment – Culver City, CA

Use Your Legs Comfortably Again

Close-up of many nursing knee pain in Van Nuys

Maybe your knee pain has appeared gradually over time as you grew older. Or perhaps your knee joints have been hurting since an injury. Knee pain can flare up for various reasons, but there’s one thing you can be sure of no matter the cause: the pain will grow worse over time, and if you don’t address the issue you may find it harder and harder to move your legs the way you want to. Dr. Rozenberg can help you understand your knee pain and find a suitable solution; call her today to schedule an appointment for knee pain treatment in Culver City, CA.  

Why Choose the Spine and Disc Center for Knee Pain Treatment?

  • Comfortable Non-Surgical Options
  • Avoid Toxic Pain Medication
  • Pain Relief Using Latest Technology