Everything You Need to Know About Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

February 18, 2022

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Man sitting in bed with back pain

Once you’ve completed your back surgery, you probably expect lasting relief from your back or neck pain; that is, after all, the goal of the procedure. But what if the pain continues even after the surgery? Does it mean that something went wrong with the procedure? And what other steps can you take to put a stop to your discomfort? The following post covers what you need to know about overcoming your failed back surgery in Van Nuys.


Can You Have Spinal Decompression Done After Failed Back Surgery?

January 14, 2022

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Young man with a back injury

If you’ve been suffering from back pain for a long time, you may see surgery as the best option for stopping it. Unfortunately, this approach isn’t always successful, as many patients continue to experience pain even after the procedure. This is called failed back surgery syndrome, and it can leave you feeling very uncertain about what you can do next to try and find relief. One option that may come to mind is spinal decompression in Van Nuys – but will that still be an option after surgery? Here are the facts.


Why See a Chiropractor for Your Migraines?

December 28, 2021

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Woman sitting in chair with a migraine

Over 37 million people in the United States regularly suffer from migraine headaches. You’ve probably already tried to relieve your pain in various ways, but sometimes the best solution is a less obvious one. In some cases, chiropractic treatment such as spinal decompression in Van Nuys can help you better manage your migraines. If you haven’t seen a chiropractor yet, here’s why it could end up making all the difference.


The Dangers of Ignoring Your Back Pain

December 15, 2021

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Man with back pain due to sciatica

Some people try to carry on with their normal routines despite excruciating back pain. Even if the discomfort makes it hard to walk properly, perform everyday chores, or keep their balance, they still try to force themselves to power through. This is never the right decision; as soon as you realize that you’re suffering from recurring back pain, you need to consult with a chiropractor. Otherwise, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to the consequences of sciatica in Van Nuys and other conditions that could take a toll on your quality of life. The following post explores the dangers of back pain and the importance of having it examined as soon as possible.


How Chronic Pain Affects Your Mind, Body, and Life

September 16, 2021

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Woman on couch with her back pain

Everyone experiences pain at some point in their lives, but it’s not supposed to last for a long time. Any pain that doesn’t go away after 3 to 6 months is classified as chronic pain, and while you may think that you can learn to live with it at first, you should never underestimate the impact it can have on you. Understanding how chronic pain affects your life helps highlight the importance of seeking effective pain management in Culver City. Read on to learn about the possible effects of chronic pain on your mind, body, and life.


The Difference Between a Herniated Disc and a Bulging Disc

August 19, 2021

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X-ray image showing a bulging disc in the spine

You may have heard the terms “bulging disc” or “herniated disc” when talking to your chiropractor about back pain. It can be easy to get these terms mixed up; both involve the discs separating the vertebrae in your spine, both are known for causing serious discomfort, and both are often treated with spinal decompression. But despite some similarities, a bulging disc is not the same thing as a herniated disc, and it’s important to know the difference so that you understand the problem that your chiropractor is trying to fix.


6 Ways to Naturally Relieve Back Pain

July 14, 2021

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Man suffering from lower back pain

Up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives according to the American Chiropractic Association. Naturally, your chiropractor can offer a number of solutions to help you find relief, including non-surgical spinal decompression. But there are also some steps you can take on your own to reduce your pain. Below are 6 natural strategies for effectively dealing with back pain in Los Angeles.


How Much is Back Surgery Going to Cost?

May 20, 2021

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Man standing up and experiencing back pain

When you’re told that you might need back surgery, there are a couple of different reasons you might be concerned. In addition to the natural nervousness that you’ll likely experience leading up to an operation, you might also be worried about the cost. The price of back surgery is on the rise, putting a growing strain on patient bank accounts across the country. Even if your medical insurance is involved your deductible and other out of pocket fees will be a factor to consider. You need to be fully aware of the cost of back surgery in Culver City – not to mention more affordable, natural forms of treatment that can deliver the same results.


Back Surgery: Is It Worth the Risk?

April 24, 2021

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Surgeon pointing to vertebrae on a model spine

When you spend a long time battling back pain, the idea of having surgery performed to stop it can sound very appealing. But just like any other kind of surgery, this procedure carries the risk of various complications. In a worst-case scenario, you may end up suffering from further pain and impairment, and you might even require additional treatments afterwards. Before you decide to commit to back surgery in Culver City, you should take the time to learn more about the risks involved – as well as other, less-invasive options.


Can Sciatica Hurt Your Sex Life?

February 12, 2021

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Illustration of lower spine suffering from sciatica

Have you been suffering from lower back pain, weakness in your muscles, and a strange numbness in your legs or feet? In many cases, all of these seemingly unrelated symptoms can be traced back to the sciatic nerve – the largest nerve in your body that actually consists of 5 different nerves. Untreated sciatica can disrupt your life in many different ways, and for men, that can include your love life. Could your back pain have anything to do with your erectile dysfunction (ED)? Read on to see how sciatica and ED in Los Angeles might be linked.

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