Why Good Posture is Important When Working from Home

November 24, 2020

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Woman sitting on couch with her legs crossed typing on laptop

If you’ve been working at home recently, then you might have found that your posture has changed while you’re working on your computer. For example, perhaps you sit on your bed or on the floor instead of on a chair. While these may seem like harmless changes at first, eventually you may end up noticing that your back and other parts of your body tend to hurt more than they used to. If you want to avoid unnecessary back pain in Van Nuys, it’s important to recognize poor posture habits for what they are.

How Does Poor Posture Lead to Back Pain?

The way your hold your body affects the spine’s ability to disperse the pressure you put on it. Poor posture means that the pressure won’t be distributed correctly. Consequently, the various muscles, discs, joints, and other tissues throughout your back will become weaker and start to hurt. The effects of poor posture tend to worsen over time, which is why it’s important to catch these habits as early as possible. Here are a few examples of poor posture that you might exhibit while working at home:

  • Sitting in a slumped position in a chair or on a couch
  • Lying on your stomach while typing
  • Working on your laptop while sitting or lying in bed
  • Standing with the weight of your body being concentrated in one leg

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself from Back Pain?

If poor posture is putting your back at risk, the solution is obvious: correct your posture! This may take a little getting used to at first, but if you make a point of changing your habits, eventually the better behaviors will come much more naturally to you. Here are just a few examples of changes you can make to improve your posture:

  • Avoid sitting or laying on your couch or your bed when working on your laptop; it’s always better to sit at a desk or a table when you can.
  • While sitting in a comfortable chair with proper lumbar support, make sure that your head stays above your shoulders and hips. Don’t lift your arms too high, and keep your feet firmly planted on the crown.
  • Keep your head at least an arm’s length away from the computer screen.
  • After about an hour of sitting down, try to stand up for at least ten minutes.

Your chiropractor in Los Angeles might also have a few additional suggestions for postural changes; they might also recommend certain exercises to strengthen your body and keep yourself limber. Do whatever you can to maintain a strong, healthy, and pain-free body while keeping yourself safe at home!

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Dr. Brigitte Rozenberg is The Spine & Disc Center’s skilled chiropractor. She completed her training at the Cleveland Chiropractic College, and she earned board certification in California. She has developed Mineralgia, a special pain relief cream that helps the strained tissues in your back heal. Her practice was recently featured in an article published in the Culver City News. If you’ve been developing back problems while working from home, you can get in touch with her through her website or by calling (818) 901-1505.

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