Back Pain & Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Culver City, CA

Can Back Pain Treatments Save Your Sex Life?

Man sitting on couch with back pain causing erectile dysfunction in Culver City, CA

Our body parts are connected in various complex ways, so an issue in one area can have unexpected consequences in another. As just one example, a chiropractic issue that causes you to experience chronic discomfort may have an unexpected impact on your sex life. Many male patients have come to Dr. Rozenberg looking to have their back pain treated, and they are surprised to discover that erectile dysfunction is often a symptom of many nerve, muscular, and back conditions. With spinal decompression and other non-surgical treatments, Dr. Rozenberg has been able to help such patients overcome both their back pain and additional symptoms! If you’re tired of how back pain is changing your life for the worse, call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss back pain and erectile dysfunction treatment in Culver City, CA.

Why Choose the Spine and Disc Center for Back Pain & Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

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